Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some Days Are Just....Better than Others

(Written during the summer of 2014, a small business owner's efforts to juggle a retail store, houseful of rescued pets and the reality of working really long days for months)

I am really not all together. At work today for just a little while before jaw pain made me decide to call dentist. Went to dentist. Possible abscess/infection in root of tooth but not at the tooth level, in the jaw level. So rx's for 10 days and then come back and we'll play see what's really in there. The word "crown" is mentioned in regards to that tooth but first she's going to have to write me a prescription for Xanex because I don't play the game of let's get a crown well.

I'm home half hour late for the little dog's shot. Since I didn't feel like fighting all the animals just to have Panda out to play I put him in his playroom....but Panda can't see out because there is a stupid blind and curtain and I worry about him getting stuck. So I carefully move the curtain at which point the rod launches itself off the wall and directly at my head, causing words to be muttered and Kung Foo Panda to dash and hide. Of course the curtain assists by draping itself over me and if you know anything about home improvement it's to NOT stand in a precarious situation when reaching up to "fix something", but I didn't see that show I guess. Foot slips on box I'm standing in.....I KNOW, why am I standing in a box? Because it's Panda's playroom and kittens go with boxes - just like this #*!@&* curtain goes with the damn rod.

I retrieve the foot/ankle/leg combo from it's odd angle now lodged under the desk. Throw curtain aside for later. Roll up blinds all the way to the top because that's a death trap for a kitten to get stuck into. It doesn't roll well. Lopsided is fine with me at this point but refusing to roll is a whole different problem. Mash/pound blind into some resemblance of a roll-like thing. Carefully wrap blind cord back and forth across the top of the window where Panda cannot get stuck in it unless he is hanging from the ceiling or really tall. I pick up Kung Foo Panda to place him by the window and show him his new little bed. The searing pain which follows that decision is when Panda rakes his claws down my arms as the army of hounds explodes into full war mode at the front door. Seriously, people miss the warning signs and DO choose to knock on the door which sets the whole house spinning. I dig Panda claws out of my skin, he bolts, I make it to the door.

"DO YA WANNA BUY SOME MEAT??" yells the person at the door. It's a salesperson with a van, uninvited and not on my list. There's no point talking back through the glass because I don't have a voice like that and would never be heard over the racket of braying and coyote-like screeching so I just shake my head and point helplessly to the dogs swarming around me. "ARE YOU SURE???". Someone isn't getting the picture here but it's likely that I have three hounds standing there signaling him YES WE DO WANT MEAT. I reach for the door just enough for one nose with snarling lips and exposed teeth to poke out and poof - magically he gets it and leaves.

Some days are just a higher quality than others I think. Ha ha.

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