Friday, April 10, 2015

Made in the USA Delmarva (update)

So an update on the "Made in the USA: Delmarva" effort and page. The support that I'd hoped for wasn't there and I'm not sure how to take this to the next level. The goal had been to establish some printed materials for various areas of each state but there's been painfully little interest in that. Perhaps I'm going about it wrong.....maybe I didn't connect with the right people yet. But it seemed important to share this awesome info that's been collected here and yet most visitors to the page are the norm; quiet and nonparticipating.

Despite building connections with so many local farms, craftspeople, markets and
more, when it came down to asking for feedback and possibly a tiny financial contribution to get the printed materials off and running, there was zero interest. Even an amount of $25 for an entire year of being on a map-type handout that I hoped to place in visitors centers across Delmarva seemed to out of sight. I guess when you compare that cost with "free", it just doesn't work.


This effort began out of knowing what's matters and who we need to support, and if I can find the time, it will continue in some capacity. But spending hours on a hobby that isn't able to grow or have a future is something that's tough to accept.

While I haven't been able to post as much lately, this page will hopefully remain a reminder to notice and support what's locally made around VA, MD & DE. More to come..... as always, please remember what's important. Support your local growers, artists and family farms.

Made in the USA: Maryland, Delaware & Virginia (Delmarva)