Saturday, July 4, 2015

Grocery shopping on July 3rd

Summertime/holiday shopping etiquette. It's a thing; perhaps not one you are widely aware of or familiar with but it's out there. Sometimes there are certain actions you do and other times those things just are not ok, especially when you live in a resort town <grin>
Parking spaces: using two is slightly rude but when you used four I wanted to have you paged just for stupidity. It's an Expedition not a boat.

Shopping carts are designed to carry

groceries, food items, bottled water, etc. They are not battering rams or placeholders in the deli line. But you know that now because you are silently fuming behind me. Also in the "not" category would be decorative parking lot accessories. They have a corral and every cart deserves to be returned to it.

To the folks who place groceries into carrying devices at the check out: this is not a competition. There is no prize for most items stuffed into the bag. Cool things like to stay with their cool friends and the steaming hamburger from the deli didn't want to be paired up with the yogurt.

Lastly, being gracious, smiling and waving you to pull in front of me is in no way an endorsement of the entire parking lot exodus. Live and let live folks. There's food out there for everyone.