Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall is Here: Welcome to the Season of "Pumpkin Everything"

It's kind of eerie to walk into almost any grocery store and find an
entireend cap devoted to the pursuit of everything pumpkin.

It's not as if we have applied this madness to other seasonal flavors, have we?
I'm not seeing turkey coffee, mistletoe, stuffing or marshmallow doughnut holes for example....but perhaps I shouldn't push my luck there.

There is so much relating to the popular orange gourd trend that there are Pinterest boards dedicated to just that, as well as the pursuit of artfully decorated pumpkins, elaborate carvings and jack 'O' lanterns which are out of this world. Who know there could be so many varieties of pumpkin creations, some of them you don't even have to carve??

This fairy-tale pumpkin is such a lovely idea. Wouldn't it make a
beautiful wedding centerpiece?

Way out of my league but I've seen it done.

For more madness visit

Enjoy the season. :)

Additional autumn-themed Pinterest boards: