Monday, November 9, 2015

Communities against Crime

How safe is your neighborhood? Recently a local paper asked a question on their facebook page about how safe people feel and what could be done to address crime - and I was off and running. What do you think?  

I believe an active, engaged neighborhood and network of citizens is crucial. Without participation from residents it's not going to it? It seems that most people agree they want to lower crime rates and make our communities safer, but many lack the actual effort-making which is
what turns an idea into reality. "Everyone has such a busy life anymore" is a really common statement - and yet, if you could form a Neighborhood Watch with  local citizens to keep your homes, kids and families safer, wouldn't you do it? 

I believe it takes a community. The more responsibility people assume by watching and reporting what goes on around them, the better. An alert neighborhood is a safer neighborhood and while it's easy to blame everyone else current problems, until WE get out there to make a difference we are all just waiting for someone else to step up. When is the time - now?
Start a neighborhood watch. Have individuals out and walking each evening. Hold a meeting about safety in the area, start a contact email or text chain to spread news quickly. Connect with your local police department and ask them to come out and explain what's needed to get an organized effort up and running. Lastly; see something? Then SAY SOMETHING. Often situations where a crime is occurring didn't just happen overnight. There are usually signs of things like bullying, drug activity, dog fighting, etc. 

"Look around - don't pretend it isn't in your town."

If you are in the southern Delaware area, there is a series of dates when the Delaware State Police will holding meetings about Neighborhood Watches. See the flier below and for more information visit or contact your local police department.