Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Don't Harden your Heart: "No one is Perfect"

You call yourself a good person,
yet let bitterness fill your heart;
You draw away from others,
unwilling to let friendship start.

We are all imperfect people,
the kind that make mistakes;
But you choose not to see
the turns and twists, that life takes.

So you isolate yourself away,
shutting everyone else out;
You refused to forgive - and now
you forgot what love is about.

Surely some make mistakes,
but is it so unlikely to be you?
What if one day you learn
that you need to say "I'm sorry", too?

Unbelievable to think,
yet if this situation you should find;
that a mistake you have made,
hardens a heart, and a mind.

And if someone you love
turns a deaf ear - turns away;
You may too wish for the chance
to say, "I'm sorry".... someday.

 "Life on Delmarva" • #delmarvausa