Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's Thanksgiving Night and I don't want it to end

I dreaded this day for the last month or two. Things are different in our world; people are gone and I didn't want to go through the holiday without what had mattered so much in the past. A few days ago I'd posted "holidays suck" on Facebook and then started seeing that some people are much less fortunate than I am. And I felt stupid for complaining and instead tried to connect with those who are alone and down, tried reaching out to others and being a good listener, because that's what I think holidays are supposed to be about.  Not sure how well it went but I tried.

Today....I have loved seeing all the kindness and good wishes spread across social sites and between friends, acquaintances and vague people from the Internet. Yes, many folks say that's not real, that imaginary connections made online don't really count, but some of us know they do. I just wish we could somehow bottle the nice words, the reaching out to others and the peacefulness of the day, both in the personal interactions as well as across the web. I wish it didn't have to end yet....that us caring about one another could remain part of our daily life.