Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remember to be nice to others

So I found out something strange today. I was on Pinterest looking for examples/suggestions about organizing people of varying ages together to work as a group. I viewed boards about volunteering, and community service for adults first. Then went through a bunch of pins from teachers for kindergarten/elementary school aged children; about being nice, what we do in a classroom, how my behavior matters, etc. And then it hit me. Some of the same concepts that I saw posted in the classroom suggestions for young kids were so similar to the interactions suggested for the adults. Different, but STILL RELEVANT.

Listening to others....waiting your turn....being helpful....I'm finished with my project, now what? (answer was to help a friend, sit quietly and write a note to the class, etc). Where did we start missing these reminders as teenagers, high schoolers, young adults and now today at whatever age we are? What if once that material is covered early on, we stop focusing on it.....and it just gets away from people?

Maybe - just maybe, this is why middle school and high school can be so difficult - and then those kids go on to be adults who don't think about others either.