Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why I'm Dreading Thanksgiving (and a holiday collection of images)

I've been dreading this day for weeks and months, wishing I would wake up one day and just find that it was over and that it had already passed by. Things are so different in my world now; some people are gone, the ones who showed their true colors and just vanished from my life, and I didn't want to go through the holiday without what had mattered so much in the past. A few days ago I'd posted "holidays suck" on Facebook and then started seeing that some people are much less fortunate than I am. And then I felt selfish and stupid for complaining and instead tried to reach out and connect with those who are alone and down, because that's what I think holidays are supposed to be about.

So, despite hoping that this year's Turkey Day was already over, I'm trying hard to stay upbeat and focus on the positive. One of those positives is all the people I've come to know online and across the country and even the world. I'm very fortunate to have met so many great folks, and wherever you are in the world, I'm sending you some smiles across the miles and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember to share some kindness with others. Lastly, in a continued effort to focus on the lighter side of the holiday, an assortment of memes, vintage images, cartoons and holiday humor are included below. I hope you enjoy!

Update 11:PM that night.....

Today went far better than I could have hoped. I loved seeing all the kindness and good wishes shared across phone calls, between friends as well as acquaintances and connections made with people online. Yes I know, many people would be quick to say that's not reality, and that those distant and vague interactions don't really count, but some of us have in fact created relationships of some type online and yes, we do value them. What I wish after today though, is just to be able to somehow bottle and preserve the greeting, the kind words and the appreciation of seeing others reaching out. There was an unexpected peacefulness about today that took me by surprise, a delight at seeing us caring for one another....and yes, I wish it didn't have to end yet.