Friday, November 20, 2015

What I Know Now: "8 Things About Friendship"

Recently I lost several people I had considered my best friends. Things were said - that were not meant to hurt or cause an issue but unfortunately it happened that way. What I see now makes me wish I didn’t care so much.

I thought friends are able to both say and hear the words “I’m sorry”.

Realizing something was more hurtful than what I knew, I’ve apologized but to deaf ears.

I believed good friends would feel that a problem was worth talking - and I would never walk away without trying. But without even a conversation it was over....with a text.

Words can hurt more than you might realize. Better think carefully what you say - before you say it.

Sometimes people use the words “I love you” too easily.

You learn who is really there for you.

I know now that some people feel that you can’t just be their friends. They expect you to love the whole family and never have an opinion about anyone. That had never crossed my mind.

Friendship is about learning to both love and forgive.

I wish it had gone differently, that things hadn’t been said. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought years would vanish without even an effort. While I wish there had been a chance, part of me wonders if I was simply wrong about how much friendship was there. Perhaps I had it all wrong.

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