Monday, December 7, 2015

Buying American: Why Made in the USA Matters

I believe in the movement to rebuild America. In recent decades our economy has slumped as manufacturing increasingly moves overseas in pursuit of cheaper costs, but at what "real cost" to our country, economy, and people? Despite what so much of the consumer indicators state, acquiring more stuff is NOT necessarily the measure of happiness. But where did we go wrong and get so caught up in the pursuit of stuff that we sold our soul and closed factories which had been producing quality, American-made items for decades and sometimes even centuries?

This COULD BE fixable. It is repairable but it's going to take a lot; honesty, change, commitment and willingness to rebuild.

We can hire our citizens who need to make an honest living.
We can choose to boycott the made-in-china plastic junk.
We can skip toxic products and have less "stuff.
Would fewer pairs of shoes and less imported garbage really impact our lives that much?

In addition to boosting our American economy, creating jobs and improving the overall welfare of this country, there IS something about having standards and choosing better which lifts us up and makes a better world. Maybe it's the act of deciding what we can put back on the shelf, or establishing priorities, or investing where we live. Or it's concern over the growing pollution and poisoning of the environment which comes from the overseas factories?

There is also something about being able to purchase an item from a local artist, someone who loved that piece before you did and cares where it goes. There is something magical about having a one of a kind product that no one else can have. It's an investment and a treasure, and comes from the hands of local craftspeople and artists. By refusing to fill our homes with junk and plastic and trends, we could have less and enjoy the beauty of fewer possessions which are far more meaningful.