Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December is "Write to a Friend Month" | Why you may want to get back into Letter Writing

Did you know? December is "Write to a Friend" month, which encourages all of us to reach out to someone and send a card, letter or note. 

Creative writing can offer so many ways to express thoughts and emotions, record life experiences and travels, create a journal for the next generation or a book of inspiration for a family member.


This site offers a few suggestions to get you going - and I love the first one the best: "Writing letters to those who need it." Check out "How to help kids write letters of encouragement" http://writeshop.com/letters-encouragement/

Who will you write to this month? 

11 ways to celebrate Write to a Friend month   

Some great ideas for letter writing this month!  

How to help kids write letters of encouragement  http://writeshop.com/letters-encouragement/

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