Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans | #WHVVD, March 30th

Years ago we made a huge mistake. Our country turned against the very soldiers and American that we sent off to war, telling them to go serve Uncle Sam and to carry out their duties to the USA. They did what was asked and then came home, only to find a nation turned against them in anger. How wrong that was for our Vietnam Veterans.

In recent years, there's been a change. A new viewpoint and people who wanted to right that wrong came forward and stood up and said that we should fix this, and thus

a new day of observance was created. Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day takes place each year on March 30th. It's a time to thank and acknowledge those who served, came back wounded and who carry the scars with them still. It's a time to welcome them home as our country failed to do many years ago.

Since 2001 when this date was proposed as a national observance, many states have embraced the effort. There are events and ceremonies to mark the day all across the country and I am glad to see there is finally recognition for these veterans. It's been years coming and sadly, it is STILL not a national event.

Some background on WHVVD: The letter below from Mr. Ramos, a gentleman who has been working for over a decade to get WHVVD established as an annual day of recognition. This shows his frustration with the lack of interest and efforts. Letter from José G. Ramos: "Good morning to all. WHVVD/José G. Ramos will not host this year’s March 29, 2015 Welcome Home event at Cal. HS in Whittier. Back in 2000 my goal was to get a welcome home for ALL Vietnam Veterans in the nation. It became law in CA and many other states, every March 30 is Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day [WHVVD]. The White House never came through, Rep. Linda Sanchez and WHVVD gave it a strong and determined push through two Presidents and 14 years of changing attitudes in DC.


The White House did sign a proclamation last year proclaiming March 29, 2014 as Vietnam Veterans Day. The correct date is March 30, not 29. The correct wording is “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”; The key words being “welcome home.” I can't blame Mr Ramos but it's a real shame to see how many other states have gone on to make March 30th an "official date" in their calendars.....yet after 14 years, nothing national. For all those who served, fought, died, came home to nothing....that is an insult. For more info please visit So it's up to us to acknowledge those men and women who went where they were told to go. It's way past time to appreciate the sacrifices made by all who served. We salute your courage, not only on March 30th, but everyday going forward.

Thank you. WELCOME HOME.