Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Signs, Local Businesses and Familiar Logos of Ocean City, Maryland, part I

Familiar signage and recognizable advertising is generally a sure sign you've arrived back in a place you love, one that's been a part of summers and vacations and fun for years. No where is that more true than in Maryland's favorite beach town of Ocean City, which is home to beloved icons, favorite shops and restaurants and classic signs which have dotted the landscape for decades. Here is the first installment featuring some of the local businesses of the area.

English's Restaurant at 15th Street, taken 2014.
Sadly, this location did not reopen again the following season.
It sat quietly empty for almost two years now, and just in March of 2017 began to have a complete transformation into a new restaurant. Not sure yet what it will be.
I did find some amazing old postcards featuring this location
Photo I took in April of 2017
Most of us think "boardwalk" and then "Kohr Bros"...right?
Read their history here
Listing of locations
The boardwalk location at the inlet
.....taken in the wintertime
I love the off season views of this area....
Here's an old postcard from the 60' it WAS a
supermarket then too, just not sure if it was Rick's.
Jonah and the Whale Seafood Buffet
On the boardwalk at 26th St website
Mid-town location at 92nd Street
General's Kitchen, originally at 70th-something street
Now located at Coastal Highway & 66th St. website
The Little House of Pancakes Ribs and Pizza 74th Street
Cowboy Coast
17th Street and Coastal Highway
Plim Plaza and the Paul Revere Smorgasbord
Plim Plaza webcams of the Ocean City boardwalk
Find them on Facebook here
Flashback "Old Time Photos" on the boardwalk
The Fractured Prune has locations all over town
King Kone opened in 1996 at 143rd Street
There is now a second location, mid-town on the bayside, but I'm not sure they are owned togetherFacebook page
Read about the Famous "Gorilla Split" here!
Neon signs for motels in downtown OC
Welcome to Ocean City!

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