Monday, March 7, 2016

"Small police department denied local firearms practice" | Bethany Beach, Delaware

When did we start being disturbed by EVERYTHING?

Seriously....(oh God, I feel a rant coming on)....and now I'm pushing the soapbox back out onto the curb.....this isn't the first time I've noticed how intolerant we as a society are. Seems that any more we throw up our hands in protest at the slightest inconvenience or suggestion of something which may "infringe on our rights as citizens". We DO. Offended is beginning to look like the new American way!

A small coastal town in southern Delaware named Bethany Beach has a small police department. They are a year-round agency despite the majority of activity taking place during the summer months when vistors flock to the beautiful beaches of the First State. The Bethany Beach PD wishes to practice law enforcement-type activities, i.e., shooting of firearms on an incorporated parcel of land which they own in nearby Frankford. That's good, right? We appreciate that they do what they do AND we are glad that they practice. Right? Right.

But the people of Ocean View and surrounding areas are complaining. Not just complaining but doing so bitterly and strongly, raising concerns about noise and quality of life and disturbance to their local area. Matter of fact, so many are opposed that at recent meetings not one person was in favor of it. I'm not in favor of noise either, but should this be in my backyard, I believe that I'd work on understanding why the police need to engage in such activity. Would the public prefer that they don't practice? Probably not - but many individuals likely believe they could "go elsewhere" to engage in such noisy pursuits.

Do those making their feelings known and working to oppose this issue have a leg to stand on? Is there a point at which citizens have to realize the greater good concept, or do we simply take offense at EVERYTHING these days? After all, the hours of operation are reasonable; a four hour window during the daylight house 2 or 3 times a week. That's not excessive. Don't we have somewhat of a responsibility to support what needs to be done here? Link to the article from the Coastal Point is below. Thoughts?

By the way, normally I push my soapbox back into the shed when I'm finished. But maybe not this time. Maybe I'll keep it out for just a little bit longer.... because it occurs to me....perhaps these are the same people who recently spoke up to oppose the firehouse sirens. Perhaps not the exact same ones, but those in a similar mindset of "why should I be disturbed or inconvenienced in any way?" 

The town of Millville, DE which is located within a few miles of Frankford, was in the papers for several months last year. The reason? Someone felt that the sirens on the local fire department were excessive and detrimental to the nearby residents.

Here's the story in which even the mayor is quoted as being against the sirens. Well good Lord, should I ever NEED the rescue department's service I'd be glad to hear them on the way. Matter of fact I'm glad every day that I DO hear them, knowing people are out rushing to respond to others in need, and hearing the siren lets me know to watch out for emergency vehicles, wait an extra few minutes to leave my house, etc. When did we get bothered at knowing what is going on around here?

This article from December 2015 offers the conclusion of this debate - and I'm sad to say that the complainers did get their way to some degree.