Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"While everyone shoots for the moon, I stumble and fall..."

Today I tried to write it all down,
so you could see -
what it's like; how I fight;
that it's painful, being me.

Each day is a struggle -
for what most of you;
take for granted; think is normal;
for me those times are few.

The barriers that rise up;
are heavy concrete and stone;
They block off my path;
the only way I have known.

Weekend's here; you want to go out,
I try but can't join you inside;
I'm mourning a loss -
Of something inside me, that has died.

Tomorrow could be different,
maybe I'll handle it well;
says the voice in my head,
the one that's tired of this hell.

While everyone shoots for the moon,
I stumble and fall; knowing it's better
to claw my way through a day -
than to have nothing at all.