Monday, April 4, 2016

What if the Fight is the way to the Light?

"You say a lot with your words"
she told me last week -
Writing isn't for everyone;
I began thinking of new ways to speak.

"Perhaps people don't read as much"
Could be you'd reach more;
Placing thoughts into prose
May lead to a new open door.

"We don't sit and absorb anymore"
It's true; society has changed.
But I'm desperate to chart
My thoughts; rearranged.

"If there is something inside"
That's worth letting out;
Finding a new path - for me,
Could erase all the doubt.

"Because you struggle it seems"
Searching for the right form;
Still needing a way to channel
The emotions I feel in this storm.

"Communicating differently"
Might be what spans the gap;
What if repackaging my words,
Could create a new map.

"Be less rigid; be open to change"
That's something I fight;
But what if learning to grow
Turns out to be my way to the light.