Monday, June 13, 2016

Changes: Dealing with an elderly parent (6/13/16, part 7)

Monday June 13th: Over the weekend since mom had stated very pitifully how she barely had any food, I've talked to her several times and offered to go shopping here. The other half can deliver when he is there tonight and he also offers to stop and pick up anything refrigeration or perishable this evening. After the phone conversation where she suddenly found the food he'd bought a few days ago for her, we think she's fine but I ask anyway. She says yes, there are many things she needs, she will email me a list.

Sunday I email her in the morning and again in the afternoon to remind her of the list so I can go to the store. No list, no reply to my emails. This happens - a lot - especially when she gets annoyed with something I did or said; it's standard for her to just ignore me for a few days. Over and over she does this and so I'm at the point where I no longer want to call and hear her launch into some type of accusations and yet when I try to swallow my irritation and ask what she needs she says nothing. I don't understand how if she doesn't realize she needs things she can't express that and I'm confused about how I will EVER know what's needed.

I was able to get an appointment with her family doctor for this week. Hoping that while we are there she will sign the necessary paperwork for me to get information and discuss options with medical professionals.

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