Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dealing with an elderly parent (6/14/16, part 8)

Tuesday June 14th: Tomorrow will be a trip back to Virginia for the first of many doctor's appointments. I'm hoping it goes well and I don't run into too many issues with mom digging her feet in and refusing to do what is needed. Today I learned that she still won't get her prescriptions filled, 5 days later; she's never "taken pills" and doesn't plan to start now, and yet if the doctors put her on medication for her dementia.....well, then we hope something changes. I don't know. I'm learning so much about these new topics and situations and conditions that my head spins, it feels as if it doesn't stop, all day and into the night.

Today I was told some changes need to be made to her home. This comes from the physical therapist who is now coming in twice a week and has walked around the house to see various rooms and situations where mom may not be able to manage. She has a list of suggestions which all sound very practical; grab bars, medical alert button, etc. All things we've tried to put in place before and been met with nothing but disgust from mom....but now a stranger is in her house and perhaps that is what's making the difference. I'll know tomorrow when I get there; tonight I'm looking up some of the things mentioned by the therapist and learning that most senior citizens don't plan for this. I guess none of us want to see what's coming, do we.

See more on this statistic and related info at http://www.caregiverstress.com/senior-safety/making-home-safer/

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