Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dealing with an elderly parent (6/15/16, part 9)

Wednesday June 15th: Heading down to Virginia shortly with dogs in tow to mom's house for an appointment later today. It's the first one we are going to together, at her family practice, where I hope I can get her to sign the papers to give me access to her medical info and so that I can speak with the doctors. After this I'm hopeful it will be easier to make the next appointments with the specialists that are needed but I'm worried how she will react.

3-1/2 drive down, get the dogs set up in one of the spare bedrooms, then we'll be heading out to fight the northern Virginia traffic. It's funny how when you grow up in that setting so much seems normal but living in another less congested area starts to spoil one I guess. I'm praying for patience and forward movement today.

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