Thursday, October 13, 2016

Decisions and Dementia: facility tour day (10/13, part 20)

It's funny - definitely not in a comical way but more in strangely sad form - how I only know that what I'm doing is the right thing, for just a small amount of time. And then in an instant it all changes again; I'm unsure; feeling guilty; questioning my choices all over again. And then I get another phone call from my mom, but it isn't her anymore, it's some woman that sounds like her but is horribly accusing and bitter and angry at me and I hate doing what I think is right while wanting to just give and do the wrong thing in bringing her home.....

We are going to tour a facility today as a possibility for mom. It's an amazing place with living concepts not often found in assisted living/nursing homes. I am so lucky that there are options out there like this and yet what goes through my mind over and over like a deranged record player is how we shouldn't just be stuffing old people in a home because it's more convenient.....but I'm out of options.

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