Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A new family member: Rescued hound Carla, adopted October 2016

Carla arrived at our house late one Friday night in October. She was one of the three dogs belonging to my mother, who we have been struggling to cope with since June. Following a tumble in the kitchen where my mom may or may not have hit her head, something appeared to trigger a rapid onset of dementia. For five awful months we attempted pretty much every option known to mankind, all with the goal of allowing her to remain in her home as long as possible. Unfortunately, we were no longer dealing with a reasonable person and as the months slipped away so did the time and by September it was clear we couldn't go on like this. Mom refused to allow caregivers in her home, she didn't want to take pills or medications, and getting her to go to doctor's appointments with me was a nightmare.

The final two weeks of September were pretty much the end as we were beyond exhausted from trying to pay her bills for her that she no longer noticed, care for the four animals, the house, all while having doctors repeatedly state that they "didn't quite see the same problems as we did". The reason for that of course, is that you cannot completely and honestly evaluate someone in a 20-30 minute office visit, and when you have an individual of perhaps a higher intelligence level, they KNOW when they are about to lose their freedom and will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Mom could charm almost every medical professional we saw and despite the obvious dangers of her remaining at home, it seemed we were powerless to make a change.

On a Monday in late September my husband arrived at the house as he normally did, since he worked in the area and stayed at mom's house during the week. She was unresponsive on the floor and took several minutes to come around. When the ambulance arrived my husband begged them to take her to a different hospital as the previous one had offered us nothing in the way of a care plan, nor did they wish to take the time to seriously listen to our concerns. Our prayers were answered when the alternate hospital SAW issues and worked with us to have evaluations and assessments for my mother's situation. Thank God they did because just two days before she had purchased and consumed an extreme amount of alcohol which, combined with sporadic medication intake, could have ended in disaster.

We launched into a new chapter, one of consultations and opinions, questions and struggles, as we attempted to make the best and most reasonable choices possible. The day after I had the dogs picked up and taken to a rescue which also does boarding since I couldn't be split any further between the hospital, mom's house and our own home. Fast forward three weeks and we had to make a very hard decision, which was to put my mom in long-term care. At the same time some sad news came to light as the oldest dog began to fail and was unable to respond to the treatment which was being given. I still hate that she had to be humanely let go, but it was necessary and the only kind thing which could be done. Immediately after that arrived a pretty hefty bill for the boarding costs which unfortunately accelerated my decision to surrender the extremely fearful and wild dog to the rescue along with us agreeing to add a 9-year old hound, then named Marta, to our family.
Here are the pictures of her ride from Virginia to Delaware. You can see how uncertain she looks and also how heavy she was, probably upwards of 20-25lbs overweight. "A certain little rider has been picked up to come to her new home. Marta is a sweet girl and with some training she will be good with our crew. She is Andrea's mom's dog that we will now take care of" posted my husband on the way home.  
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Later that night we had several successful meet and greets around the corner from the house. The little dog didn't really care, the older female rolled her eyes as if to say "did I authorize THIS??", and the bouncy and perpetually cheerful Watson was REALLY REALLY happy as he is about everything.

"Currently the most irritated person in the house is Gabriella (the older cat), who just cannot stop lurking and STARING. Welcome home Carla, (formerly Marta)", I posted on October 22nd as we tucked her into her place in the family room and settled on a new name to go along with her journey. You can follow her journey on this blog and thanks for reading.😊

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