Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Vintage Kitties of Christmas | A Collection of Nostalgic Felines

What started out as a wish to cheer a friend who is down because of the pending holidays turned into my sort of fascination with these greetings of yesteryear. It almost appears that perhaps the sending of cards for New Year's was a bigger deal than it is today, since although I didn't include many here, there are quite a few designs celebrating the beginning of January. The wishes for Christmas range from ornate and stylish, such as well-dressed caroling cats and images depicting a number of felines outfitted in hats and clothing, to very simple faces and a few sprigs of holly (as shown below). Many of them made me smile since I couldn't help but wonder what type of greetings may have been inside the card, as the illustrations of kitties experiencing the high life seems such a sharp contrast to our world today.






A couple of New Year's styles (not just cats)

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