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Beach Towns of Delmarva | Coastal Images from Fenwick Island, Delaware

The town of Fenwick Island is considered by some to be just a shortcut, a blip on the map as they pass through heading south to the larger resort town of Ocean City. And sure, it's a tiny place, tucked just on the other side of the Mason-Dixon Line bordering Delaware and Maryland. But for many, it's magical, with that vibe of "soaking up the summertime" appreciation for the sand, surf and shore that most of us have within us. It's a beloved destination for many who return year after year, often staying faithfully at the same family-owned and operated motels and cottages which fill the two mile long stretch along the Atlantic Ocean. Fenwick Island is more than "just a place", it's an adventure; a ritual of summer; a time for family and friends to gather together and a quieter side of life along the sea. Here are some pictures I've taken over the last few years around the town and it's surrounding streets and neighborhoods......I hope you enjoy strolling through our little beach community with these images. Note: they aren't in geographical order or specifically organized; just photos that I've added here to showcase the area.

The Fenwick Island Surf Shop, established 1983. Check them out on Facebook here
This is the welcome center located on Route 1/Coastal Highway, and the first large building on the left side of the road that you would spot as you drive south from Bethany Beach. You can stop in to learn more about the Quiet Resorts and pick up brochures and information about lodging, dining, attractions and more.

A few years ago Thunder Lagoon Waterpark tore down their existing complex and rebuilt the popular attraction. I took this shot of the giant tubes waiting to be installed as one of my first Instagram photos. Visit their website at http://fenwickfun.com/
A glimpse through the tall sea grass of the condo buildings off of Route 54, across the street from Fenwick Hardware
It's like pieces of my heart in the sand.....the tiny footprints of my beloved little dog as he bounced along the beach one day.
Storm clouds rolling in over the bay and canal on the inland side of FI. Taken during a waterside meal at the restaurant which was Charlie's Bayside for 20+ years, and before that was known well as the Feed Bag. Located in the Village of Fenwick, it has now been reborn as Fin Alley.
A colorful pink bike waiting for it's rider in the Village of Fenwick is a sure sign of summertime.
"Road choices by the bay," seen at the stoplight by Harpoon Hanna's Restaurant
The view from the Route 54 Bridge as you look north towards Bethany Beach. Catch 54 was rebuilt after it caught fire about 12 years ago and is a popular waterside dining option.
Another view of Catch 54, standing just beside the bridge and looking across the water. Off in the distance you can see the RV's and travel trailers that dot the shoreline from Treasure Beach Campground. See their Facebook page here.
Heading inland a mile or two brings you to the Bayville Shopping Center, where Smitty McGee's is located, along with several small shops. FYI, the Bayville Postal Services is the closest thing we have to a post office since there is not one in the actual town of Fenwick. I go to them all the time for copying and printing and they are super nice and helpful. You can see more about this center at their website here.
Directly across the street from the Bayville Shopping Center is the townhome community of Mallard Lakes.
If you head back into town, pausing to exit Route 54 at the community of Cape Windsor and then take your immediate right, you can drive down the "old 54". It's pretty much at water level and thus was replaced by the new bridge about ten years ago. It's a cool spot to take pictures, especially at sunset. This view is looking underneath towards the north, across the bay.
....while this is taken from the bridge itself and looking south towards Ocean City.
On the way back into town, the colorful row of homes that graces the side of 54
Coming across the bridge at Harpoon Hanna's and seeing FI unfolding in front of you.....
Street signs of Fenwick Island
Standing at the state parking area by the beach, this is the view looking west, across coastal highway and towards the lighthouse.
The sign that announces you are entering Delaware, as you drive north on Coastal Highway from Ocean City
Shops just over the Delaware line
On a quiet morning in the late fall I woke up early and headed to the shoreline to catch the sunrise. This man and his companion were strolling in and out of the surf, with the dog carrying his beloved - and damp - tennis ball.
Man walking ahead while the dog catches up again after retrieving the ball.
And the sunrise itself....I'm not a morning person but I sure did luck out that day. Lots and lots of tiny shells, broken bits from the sea and treasures covered the sand.
When the sun finally made it's appearance, it turned everything to a golden glow of yellows, rose and orange shades.....tropical almost.
It was indeed, worth getting up early for, and again, a colorful reminder that we are so very lucky and blessed to live here in this place. I hope you have enjoyed this "mini tour" of FI and I'll be posting more pictures in the future. If you like my posts please subscribe to the blog and check out my other social sites as well.

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