Friday, April 21, 2017

Earth Day 2017 | I'm Concerned About The Things We Are Losing

I think we take too much for granted these days, consistently ignoring the well-being of our planet, our communities, hell - each other.

I think we've become an entitled nation and a tribe of people dependent on "things", and the internet and instant gratification - and the concept of "working for it" is becoming a part of the past.

It doesn't seem as if we care about our reliance on gadgets and electronics which cannot be recycled or repurposed (Apple)....we buy and throw away; purchase the latest piece of technology and then upgrade again when the slick advertisements start rolling for the newer model. How is that benefiting our planet?

We gauge our happiness level by how fast the online connection is - and whether everyone's devices can all function at the same time. Because, rather than "being together", we must all rush off to separate areas and watch our own shows and videos and games....because we are no longer required or expected to give and take and get along and share. Does this create a better life do you think?

I think companies that offer "fresh produce" from who the heck knows where, delivered to your doorstep, stand to replace our own farms and land and growers. Do you look around anymore; ask where local food may be found in your community; invest in the 6th generation family farm down the street? When did a box replace an experience?

I think we latched onto the "ease of buying online" with a vengeance - as a substitute for people and places, local shops, and faces.

I think our society loves Amazon because it requires no effort or interaction on our part, and we can shrink more into ourselves and our four walls with every click.

I'm saddened by the closing of locally-owned businesses because they no longer "fit in" to our lives and needs and demands, and because we're now "too busy" to make a few different stops for a couple of different shops. Does losing the mom and pop businesses improve our communities?

I'm afraid that people one day - if they will still read books to their children in the future, because that's no longer trendy either, but rather placing a screen in front a child is - could turn the pages and point to a farm and say "that's how we used to live".

#delmarvausa | community advocate | localist | respect | united we stand