Sunday, April 9, 2017

Visiting Delmarva | Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware

Craft beer is big news - and big business - and this location slightly south of the state capital of Dover is no exception. Dogfish Head has been evolving and growing over the past few years and it's able to provide an informative and interesting tour experience. Described as a place with "Off-centered ales for off-centered people", they offer daily tours to beer lovers and aficionados. Note: this is just a quick overview of the place, not a techie write-up of the flavors and tastes and variety of brews. I'm not that into beer but was so impressed with the tour that I just wanted to give you a brief run-down of our visit so you can then go see for yourself. What I noticed first, when pulling up to the facility, is the massive size of the operation. Hearing that it's located in one of Delaware's small towns you may be surprised as well when you see it.

There's this great truck parked out front with the iconic oval logo....

....and a fun rat rod

Crazy tree house in front of the brewery. Ummm.....this thin is pretty darn impressive, from the wildly flailing "arms" of the sculpture to the intriguing door at the bottom, one almost could believe it's a hobbit dwelling of some sort. Super cool and ultra-creative.

Omg. It's SO COOL.

The tour is pretty awesome and takes about an hour to go through the entire facility. In the first building you are walking along ground level, and in the second there is an amazing overhead decking system so you can get a bird's eye view of the operations. Here is the bottling area where gazillions of bottles are lined up waiting to be filled.

They had just expanded into this section in 2013

The scale of their process is amazing!

Bottling building with round windows, which the tour guide explained was chosen by the founder of Dogfish Head to represent the bubbles in their brews.

Gives the exterior a super cool look

Quote on the side of the building

Varieties of Dogfish head beer in the gift shop

The gift shop also offers growlers to purchase and then bring back for refills.

It's definitely a fun trip and experience to do with friends! Be sure and check out the town of Milton as well, since it's one of Delaware's iconic locations where you can stroll, dine and shop the small businesses which line the downtown streets. It's a way to pick up on the flavor of the area and a nice pairing to plan before or after your tour. P.S. The distillery is now open for tours as well, we just didn't have time to go through.

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