Monday, October 20, 2014

My first Honor Flight

Washington, DC 10.18.14

On Saturday I got to thank some American heroes. I was lucky enough to shake hands, meet, greet, welcome them to their memorial for the first time, and honor their service. In return they thanked us for being there; so surprised and grateful for our attention and caring. It was humbling to see the gentlemen who broke into tears, overcome with emotion at seeing all of us waiting. I hope you can do this one day soon; I hope you take your children their to experience what it's like.

We left Delaware at 5am.

Met up with our friends in Salisbury at 6am.

Arrived in DC by 9am.


Approximately 500 veterans arrived at the WWII Memorial via the Honor Flight Network on this day. First they arrive at the nearby airport and then take buses to the site. Motorcycle escorts and police lights and sirens often announce their arrival and then as they come off the buses we are there to form a line all the way to the memorial entrance.

Some of them speak to you more than others, a few don't interact much, and some grip your hand and could not be more delighted at the greeting. On Saturday one gentleman refused to be pushed in his wheelchair, instead standing and walking along taking pictures of us and with us. Many of them light up at seeing children waiting, others have their eyes fixed on the memorial to them that they've never seen before.

If you haven't been to one of these events yet, trust may want to consider attending. It is incredible and inspiring and something I wish every American could do.