Friday, February 17, 2017

Benefit Cornhole Tournament 2/25 in Princess Anne, MD | #RennieWeGotYourSix

It's been six weeks since the idea was born for this event. People throughout the local area have joined in promoting, organizing and planning - no different really than many projects we've worked on before - except that I found out something a few weeks ago; Lt. Rennie Miles touched a lot of lives. He is someone that although I've never met, is beloved, admired and respected by many.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Vintage Valentine's Day Greetings | Cute & Retro "Expressions of Love"

So I set out online to find some amusing images and greetings of affection and love for tomorrow, Valentine's Day. The other half is out of town and from time to time the way we show our devotion to one another is to post multiple greetings and well-wishes for a special occasion. Granted sometimes it goes overboard and turns into a competition to see who can post more than the other (that's his only child syndrome I think, ha ha), so it never hurts for me to be prepared with a wide variety of material. But as I Googled and Pinterest(ed), the odder and stranger the designs of greetings from yesterday became. Now I was aware that back in the day, February 14th was considered a big "to do" and a much-enjoyed celebration for all, but somehow for much of my adult years, the true scope of this holiday had slipped past me. Once I began finding gems like these however.....

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Local Food, Farms and Community | "The Movement Away From Local"

Tonight I'm thinking about decisions and choices, considering things which were once believed to be essential components of our lives, now tossed carelessly aside in the busy-ness of today's society. I'm mesmerized almost, reading an article which highlights three concepts, and the words are resonating deep in my soul, almost as if the writer had witnessed and observed the same changes. It doesn't surprise me that these objectives are being suggested as improvements to our lives, as they once were cornerstones and principles by which we lived and existed, but perhaps now they represent the values which are slipping away from us.

  1. Support local food systems.
  2. Invest in the local economy.
  3. Participate in community building activities.

This doesn't sound difficult, does it? And yet, in our fast-paced world today, such ideas began to lose importance and fade as our priorities shifted to "doing more faster" and "saving time". As society began to focus more on convenience and "wanting it right now", I think we began to require more choices and to demand endless options in our daily shopping. No longer does the family-owned grocery seem suitable, because the trend is to flock to the big chains and specialty stores which cater to every whim and craving. Did it become too much for us to visit the local farm for fresh produce, a nearby meat market and then the grocery store too, in order to purchase what we needed? Once we decided that making several stops was too time consuming, is that when we rejected the options found in our own communities and left town for the supercenter 40 minutes away?

Sure, at the giant palace of "all-under-one-roof" we could get everything our hearts desired, while the luxury of seeing so much excess piled to the ceilings amazed and delighted. It may have also crossed our minds that being in such places allowed us to be anonymous and invisible; no longer were we forced to engage in conversation with people we knew, as in the small local stores. Here we could just fade into the blur of faceless individuals circulating within massive buildings; we'd found a spot where nobody knows your name.

Three principles - possibly what some might consider pillars of a town and community - three principles guiding the actions which we may have begun to look down upon with amusement, almost as if to view it as an old-fashioned, quaint way of life. And yet, those actions of spending where we lived, enjoying the bounty from the nearby land and interacting with neighbors and friends, those were the things that wove and intermingled our lives into a network of local commerce and togetherness. Maybe as we piled up the reasons to avoid talking to one another, skipping the conversations and engagement with the people we lived right next door to, perhaps that is when we began to lose ourselves.

Farm & Dairy | 1.17.17: "Restoring rural America: community building in the modern era"

#delmarvausa |"together we accomplish more"