Friday, February 17, 2017

Benefit Cornhole Tournament 2/25 in Princess Anne, MD | #RennieWeGotYourSix

It's been six weeks since the idea was born for this event. People throughout the local area have joined in promoting, organizing and planning - no different really than many projects we've worked on before - except that I found out something a few weeks ago; Lt. Rennie Miles touched a lot of lives. He is someone that although I've never met, is beloved, admired and respected by many.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Vintage Valentine's Day Greetings | Cute & Retro "Expressions of Love"

So I set out online to find some amusing images and greetings of affection and love for tomorrow, Valentine's Day. The other half is out of town and from time to time the way we show our devotion to one another is to post multiple greetings and well-wishes for a special occasion. Granted sometimes it goes overboard and turns into a competition to see who can post more than the other (that's his only child syndrome I think, ha ha), so it never hurts for me to be prepared with a wide variety of material. But as I Googled and Pinterest(ed), the odder and stranger the designs of greetings from yesterday became. Now I was aware that back in the day, February 14th was considered a big "to do" and a much-enjoyed celebration for all, but somehow for much of my adult years, the true scope of this holiday had slipped past me. Once I began finding gems like these however.....

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our Changing Society | "The Movement Away From Local"

Few articles speak to me in a loud enough voice that I feel compelled to reply. Tonight was one of those times, fueled maybe by sadness or frustration at seeing such important aspects of life tossed carelessly aside.What would it take for us to simply follow these three principles?

Outlined here in this article by Farm and Dairy, the words resonated deeply; painfully, almost, as I saw what was and what we now have become. It's no secret that I mourn some of the changes I observe, because so much of this "forward movement" philosophy seems to tear at what once held us together as society. What was so wrong about living this way that we had to demand more? As we - the society of "must have more" people - began to "require" fancier or exotic foods that aren't locally-grown, we looked to the big chains and specialty stores which cater to every whim and craving. Or maybe we became too lazy to go out to our nearby farms anymore, and then it became easier to just hop in the car and take a ride - and then when online shopping became the norm, it made life even smoother, right?