Monday, January 30, 2017

About that post-election whining: do you really want to live this way?

I know I can be moody and weird but some of you are just being hateful and mean. I don't think I can recall any other election where so many adults are just whining and complaining endlessly about who won. That's how it works you know, we (American people) vote, and that's how we pick the new leader. I may not have liked some people who got elected in the past, sometimes my viewpoint changed and other times I just waited for the next election. Point is, the whining and rudeness and jabs at one another isn't going unnoticed. Don't fall so low in bitterness that you change and turn into something you're not, because after all, if more people had come out and voted perhaps so many of you wouldn't be upset now....or maybe a different group of people would be upset. Either way, is the whining going to change what happened? Nope. So why do it? Well, because social media nowadays is a fabulous place to whine. But you are better than that.....right? Don't focus so hard on what's wrong that you forget to see what's right....and if you don't see what's good or positive then you have every opportunity to go out there and make it happen, right where you live. Do it. Change what you can, where you are, because to sit behind a screen spewing anger and criticism and discontent doesn't appear to be improving the world we live in, does it.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Connecting Delmarva: "Ten Postitive Steps for Building Community"

Welcome, Delmarva! Join our movement and focus on "Community, Connections and Communication." This is a page about YOU and local activities, community organizations, small businesses and causes, and we welcome your suggestions and input on the Facebook page. Our goal is to build connections, share tools about building your social networking, and work for the common good of all who call the Delmarva Peninsula home.

We believe that having relationships and staying in touch with your neighbors, friends and business owners is important.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show on Maryland's Eastern Shore

The Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Annual Show is held annually each July at the Association grounds in Easton, Maryland. It was my first time being able to attend and while I expected to see a huge variety of tractors and farming equipment, I had no idea what else would be on hand. The organization hosts several annual events and this particular show has been taking place for many years. (see more about the association at the end of this post).

Friday, January 13, 2017

Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Show | Vintage "Esso" Chevy Truck and Tiger

This truck and it's iconic orange passenger in the back were at the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Annual Show held in Easton, Maryland last summer. Amidst the tractors and steam engines, classic cars and swap meet tables, were nestled a small collection of beautiful vintage trucks. This particular one I didn't see a year on nor was there anyone around who seemed to be the owner. Unsure if it was a tow truck in it's former life or is perhaps converted to the look you see now?