Monday, June 26, 2017

Signs of Ocean City, Maryland, Part III

Welcome to MORE signs, logos, locally-owned businesses from Maryland's favorite summer time beach town. Already posted in Signs of OC, Part I are: English's, Kohr Bros, Rick's Market, Jonah and the Whale Buffet, Layton's restaurants, General's Kitchen, Nicks Pancake House, Cowboy Coast, Plim Plaza, Yummy Sweet Shop, the Fractured Prune and King Kone.

Signs of OC, Part II included the Oceanic pier, Anthony's Deli, Billy's Subs & Pizza, the Sahara Cafe, M.R. Ducks, Justine's Ice Cream, the Princess Royale Oceanfront and the Cabana motel.

Fisher's Popcorn is a tough name to say - without in your mind, quickly conjuring up images of sticky-sweet caramel popcorn, freshly cooked and best enjoyed while strolling down the boards. For that reason this iconic favorite became the first local business to be included here in part three.

Boardwalk location near 2nd Street, taken August '15
Up close at the counter.... can almost taste the golden crunchiness.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Ocean City, MD "Things That Aren't There Anymore" | Attractions and Places that are Gone

This blog post is about businesses, places and attractions of days gone by in the coastal resort town of Ocean City. I needed a place to put all this stuff as it happens so I don't forget it, and while there's only a few entries now I will be adding more photos and info in the future.

Most recently was the demolition of the 94th Street Mall.

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A last look at the downtown English's location after closing several years ago. It's been renovated and is now a different restaurant, however the familiar names and simple brown structures that once dotted the streets are fading from the town.

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January 10th, 2018: This Facebook post on Trimper's Haunted House - Ocean City, MD shared the news that the Aladdin statue had departed from the amusement park. (Photo credit Trimper's Haunted House Facebook page).

"BREAKING: Aladdin has left the building. After over 40 years as a staple of Trimper's Rides, the Aladdin's Lamp funhouse (Salem Aleikum) has been permanently retired. Installed around 1975, the Arabian Nights-themed funhouse, complete with a genie who bowed his head from his seat atop the ride's entrance, offered a variety of dark corridors, floor obstacles, a maze, and illusions that made anyone proceed with caution and a sense of intrigue. Another one for the memory book, folks." More information on the website

News Article: "Trimper's: Losing the lamp, but maintaining the magic"

Follow Trimper's Rides on Facebook here.

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Remember J/R's, "The place for ribs?" It was an Ocean City favorite and beloved destination for than forty years.

There were two locations in OC, one at 140th street and the other at 62nd street, right as you would come off of the Route 90 bridge. (this postcard shows one in Rehoboth as well but that must have been before my time)

I took this in 2014 at the 62nd street location. It was the second one to close with the final season being summer 2015.

This is a photo of the North OC restaurant as it morphed into the Tokyo Crab House & Buffet in the spring of 2016.

Sadly, the 62nd Street building sat empty for almost two years. Here was the rental listing

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Info via Wayne Cannon:

"I would say that the Lagoon was there in the latter 1940's and through the 50's. The original Embers was on 9th Street and Boardwalk or just down the street from it. Sam and Irv Taustin opened that in the latter 50's. They would leave that area and move to where they are now and incorporate the Lagoon in their new Embers Restaurant."

"The Lagoon Restaurant was located where the current Embers Restaurant is located on 23-24th Street on the Bay. When it was the Lagoon it was owned by Dick and "Iggy" Hall and it was one of the first upscale, sit down restaurants in OC. The Taustin's bought the restaurant and property and built the Embers. The Lagoon was incorporated into the building of the Embers."

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"Vintage Del-Mar-Va" | Old Postcards, Images and History of the Delmarva Peninsula

The term "Del-Mar-Va" was born from the land which encompasses three states and nine counties along the east coast. This distinctive area includes the eastern shore counties of Maryland and Virginia along with the state of Delaware, and the hyphenated portions of each name made up it's original title. The peninsula is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay, the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Importance of Supporting Local Family Farms

Do you believe in supporting locally-owned and operated farms? I think there is something amazing about pulling off the road where a small produce stand is located, perhaps just a basic table with a canopy over it, or sometimes a fancy set up with a wagon and portable display. I always find myself sort of eying up the person who may be present - I wonder if they are REALLY the owner, the operator of the farm, a family member maybe. Does it really matter? I guess not....technically, but part of me is always sort of in awe at the fruits of their labor, gawking a bit at the sweeping fields stretched out behind the stand and admiring the barns and farming equipment that dot the landscape. Not in the sort of way that I think they are so different or strange, but more with the sense of WOW....a real third or fifth generation farm family STILL lives here, continues to make their living, remains a part of this place where their blood and roots and ties run deep.