Saturday, February 20, 2016

A 1951 Kaiser Deluxe Club Coupe - and a little history of the Kaiser Automobiles

Finding this gem at a local car show in Delaware made me curious about the company and it's history. Described as a "1951 Kaiser Deluxe Club Coupe", the color is what caught my eye from across the field where the show was held; sort of a dark copper shade, not exactly orange and lighter than brown...very distinctive.

Here is a brief outline of the Kaiser automobile.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I took the RV in for service and had to wait for it.....

I am in hell. For $95-freakin-dollars-an-hour to get the rv worked on, and yes, I am having to wait for it, the only place to wait is in the office and it reeks of smoke. REEKS. The WiFi is on life support and just about 1/2 bar of service. Perhaps I should be just sitting outside instead but it's cold. There was no good solution to the drop off of said vehicle and so I'm here..waiting...and I don't know whether to be amused or horrified. While in hell at this place, with it's limited levels of breathing quality due to the reek of smoke and oil and assorted other overly strong flavors, the front desk person is holding conversation. Many of them on the phone with a variety of different individuals and thank God, not me, but still, slightly disturbing.

Phone chat A involved dark and sinister references to "getting what you deserve" and that "in this case she's lucky", followed by "she's looking at 60 years". Crikey. That ain't your basic shoplifting escapade is it.

Phone chat B rotated between cookies that need to be sold and gaining entry to Six Flags Amusement park. Guess these days the sale of cookies, assumed to be Girl Scout brand, offers the seller the chance to be rewarded with thrills and rides and fun. And that's great except that I personally am not going to the park and I don't see a single damn cookie anywhere yet by having to listen to all this I'm feeling as if I should be at least offered a cookie. Nothing.

Conversation A is shaped as a request to a customer which came to retrieve his vehicle. While checking out he was asked if he'd like to adopt a 12 year old. Erk. Unsure if that is the cookie-seller or the one facing 60 years but I know that you can't have it both ways....if you are headed to the slammer for decades I'm pretty sure you don't get a pass to Six Flags.

At this point the reekage of cigarettes,  old vehicles and mold(?) has temporarily affected my speech and breathing. And phone, since it seems unable to communicate with the outside world either. I don't want to walk back into the source of the reek to try and find out when I can escape this place but I'm dying (literally) to know if I'm close to making bail. Wait.... a door just opened and a clipboard sailed out of the cloud of smoke and landed on a nearby desk. Maybe it's me and I'm going to get out alive....where there is fresh air and absence of commentary on every damn detail of someone else's life. If she just could get off the phone I have a shot at life.

"Life on Delmarva" • #delmarvausa

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Donating to Charity | Where does the money go anyway?

Who should we really be donating to? Lately I've been wondering more and more about the contributions which are made to many of the "big name" charities - and how much actually goes to help these good causes. Finding a couple of sites offering information and details, I dug around to find if there was truth in some of the often-shared graphics or if we are just biased against the larger-sized organizations.

I also wanted to research the information on this graphic which has been widely circulated across facebook for several years.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rampside 95 Corvair Truck | 1961 Chevy

In May 2015 I went to the Cambridge Wings and Wheels Show in Maryland and met a local eastern shore resident with a vintage Corvair. What a cool vehicle! It's unique shape makes it interesting as does the history of such a short time in production.

1961 Rampside Corvair Truck...

It has a 1969 Corvair engine...flat six, two
carburetors, 110 versus original 85 horsepower. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tiny and cute is how they begin: Adventures of Cat

So Oscar the Dachshund and I woke up and he went outside for a minute. Coming back indoors I decided (foolishly) to let Kung Foo Panda (KFP) out because it's 4am and surely he is sleepy and cannot do much damage. (Why was he locked up? Because after dark this house becomes a treasure chest of things to play in, on and with, much to the annoyance of other residents of fur. As part of the Self-Preservation Act enacted last year, we really have no alternative but to place said offender in another room at night time. It's for the good of everyone because when you run around biting people's tails at 2am you are really just asking for trouble. After several close calls where he flirted with Death by Lucy it was decided that he would spend nights in his own room where he could annoy only himself.)