Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How Can Our Community "Do Better"?

Since last Friday when many of us gathered at Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive for the "We Stand United" event....I've been thinking. Turning over some of the words that were said in my head; tossing around some phrases and statements that were made; wondering HOW does a community "do better". There must be a special ingredient in those select few places where people do, in fact, act and live in a way which promotes open dialog, respect and a culture of togetherness.

There's a question floating over my head, words in a bubble like a giant blimp hovering nearby - and I'm sure I can't be the only one thinking this: "How can we avoid being the next Ferguson, Dallas, Baton Rouge?" Honestly, someone else besides me must have considered the same exact question....right?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Vintage Delmarva | Wicomico County on Maryland's Eastern Shore

These are mostly of downtown Salisbury but there are a few cards which feature landmarks from nearby. The church is one I recently stopped to photograph so I will find and add those current images for comparison. The memorial has been a project to restore for some time and has a sign now posted where it stands just off 113.

South Main Street (very old)
Main Street looking west

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vintage Delmarva | Postcards from Ocean City, Maryland (part II)

"Memories of Ocean City, Maryland" - Postcards, memorabilia and advertising featuring local landmarks from Maryland's favorite beach towns. These images which feature travel brochures, motel advertisements and depictions of the famous boardwalk, offer a fascinating glimpse into life in our towns from years ago.

View from the Roosevelt Hotel
Reverse of above

Monday, July 18, 2016

Challenges and Changes: Elderly Parents (7/18/16, part 15)

I said I wouldn't let it get to me, that I COULD rise above this; do the right thing; stay the course and be strong. I LIED, apparently, because here I am, halfway between wanting to smash my fist into the wall and bursting into tears. Again. And I don't even cry that often. Right now I HATE the person that I'm dealing with, my mother with dementia, more than anything.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Local Ice Cream! Dairy Farms and Creameries on Delmarva

Sunday July 17th is National Ice Cream Day! What better way to celebrate than by digging up the independent stores and dairies right here in our area - because while you can go to a chain place anytime, the REAL delicacies are found at the local shops. Below we've listed some of our favorites from the Delmarva Peninsula which includes Delaware and the eastern shore areas of Maryland and Virginia.


Fifer Orchards in Wyoming, established 1919

Think For Yourself / Grow Your Mind (part I)

“Grow your mind and expand your world”

1) “Why We Don’t Accept Delays and Appreciate the Gift of Empty Time"

2) "We now live in individual bubbles of our own making"....this is a good read. "There's a Battlefield at Home and Only First Responders See It"

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thoughts on the Closing Stores of Walmart

Well. It looks as if this has come true as earlier this year, closure of many awful Unfortunately for the locals who after several years have made Walmart a part of their lives and world - now poof, they are exiting.

There are three steps in this process for the residents and none of them will be very satisfactory. First, the townspeople realize they have nothing left to go to - because in many cases, after fighting a losing battle against the giant retailer, the smaller stores have often closed. Secondly, the senior citizens and those on fixed incomes will now struggle to find a place to get their prescriptions and the things they became accustomed to over the last 10 years or so. And third, they have to find a way to get to their new shopping destination. Many communities are organizing weekly bus trips to the next Walmart, 40 minutes away, which only serves to create even more distance between spending and local infrastructure......it's a horrible cycle and we are going to see it over and over again.

Wake up World (We can't live like this)

What is this "active shooter" term we have all come to know? Why does it seem commonplace to read about another violent act or outburst by someone walking a thin line between right and wrong. Yes, some of these are terrorism - of ALL kinds - but far more are "disgruntled", "troubled", "bitter" people doing this for the spotlight. Whether they live or die is irrelevant because our world has opened up a stage of media feeding frenzy and why do alone what you can do in front of millions?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

We will not all get along all the time - and that's okay!

Sometimes we go into projects or tasks with the expectation that everything must be perfect, or that everyone will agree on all the points and topics. Unless you have some fairy dust and a magic wand, chances are good that it's not going to go exactly like that. Strong people have strong - and different opinions - and that is OKAY. When respect for one another, open communication and the ability to let go of one's ego are are the forefront of the discussions, then the sky is the limit. Pause. Let someone else speak. HEAR what they are saying. "With respect much can be accomplished".

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Visiting the Delmarva Peninsula | the town of Berlin, Maryland

The town of Berlin is one of my favorite places here on Delmarva and it's one that we often recommend to visitors. Located just off Route 50, about 8 miles inland of Maryland's favorite beach town of Ocean City, it's a refreshing change from the souvenir shops and boardwalk stores. See the links and info after the photos.

Main Street

The town is host to a variety of fairs and festivals all year long

...and the beautiful older brick buildings make for great photos.

Walt's Train Shop

Rayne's Reef Luncheonette

Town Center Antiques

They have two locations in Berlin

Toy Town

* has now moved across the street to a larger store

Fun for all ages!

A handpainted former church pew for sale...

There are plenty of dining options in Berlin

the Blacksmith Restaurant

Main Street at night

the Church Mouse Thrift Shop

Volunteer-run and benefits the local community.

The Globe Theatre

Vintage postcard of Main Street, looking North (1950's)


50 Best Small Town Main Streets in America

Main Street Berlin MD and MORE

Facebook page for Main Street

Town of Berlin

Facebook page for the town

The Atlantic Hotel

Rayne's Reef Luncheonette

Town Center Antiques

The Globe Theatre

The Blacksmith Restaurant

The Church Mouse Thrift Shop

"Life on Delmarva" • #delmarvausa