Monday, December 11, 2017

When it's not all about "Saving Time" but perhaps about the "Things That Matter"

I'm stuck at a crossroads, attempting to merge skillfully into the next levels of automation and technology - and hanging back a bit, not quite ready to admit that losing personal interactions and connections is the best idea. While many folks have pointed out the breakdowns of society which could be resulting from such "progress", it's continually a tempting goal of our it seems to save time and make less effort....and inside my head, a small voice keeps telling me we are headed for trouble. I realize that social media networks are incredible, and sure, we're hinged together now in ways never conceived before. The goals of efficiency and time-saving, spending fewer minutes away from home and reducing our need to speak to one another, are a huge focus in today's world. A giant, MEGA-SIZED focus. And I know what "they" say; folks have more on their schedules than they did decades ago; how we're more in tune with what's happening than ever before; parents need to cut down on the amount of hours they spend shopping instead of heading home after work; that time is precious. And it is precious indeed. But are we better for losing the social connections of being in a local business and running into the neighbor down the street, or chatting with the independent business owner who supports so many fundraisers which take place in the community? On the second point, if we DON'T support that small business owner by purchasing from their shop, how will they remain IN business to be able to offer that community support?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 25th is Small Business Saturday on Delmarva

I believe in small business and supporting the locally-owned shops, restaurants and service companies in our area. "Small Business Saturday on Delmarva" was launched to tell everyone about some of the wonderful small towns hosting celebrations that day. Visit the event on Facebook here. Join us in promoting the events and celebrations which will be taking place across Delaware and the eastern shore counties of Maryland and Virginia. Post your community activities and downtown or Main Street events for November 25th! We're following Small Business Saturday on all the social networks, offering marketing tips for retailers and sharing your local events. Don't forget to invite your friends to come out and share in supporting this celebration of locally-owned businesses here on Delmarva!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Vintage Halloween Images & Greetings

Images of Halloween from years gone by (and a few snuck in there that I thought were just plain funny). I couldn't believe the array of artwork I found upon Googling "vintage Halloween greeting cards"! Had no idea it was once such a popular holiday with elaborate drawings full of details and fun, and of course the advertisements are wonderful. I hope you enjoy looking at this unusual, slightly strange and eclectic collection!

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Lorton Reformatory in Fairfax County | "Changes in Lorton, Virginia"

I took these photos just about two years ago, on a cool afternoon in late October. These photos aren't great, as they were taken on a previous-generation cell phone, but but I hope they are able to convey at least a small hint of the beauty found on this property. I titled this picture "What Was", as the fading light turned skies over the former barn to shades of peach and orange. It's evolving into a new stage of life as the complex nears the completion of it's transition into a place of inspiration, art, history and culture.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Beach Towns of Delmarva: Sights & Signs of Fenwick Island, Delaware (part II)

The town of Fenwick Island is nestled along the Delaware coastline, just north of Ocean City, Maryland. A small town with a big presence, this quiet little place is a favorite of countless visitors and summertime guests. While it is home to only about 200 year-round residents, during the warmer months people from all over flock to the charm of a coastal community by the sea. This is the second set of images I'm posting, just casual snapshots of familiar places and area businesses. You may have seen some before, some might be new to you and I've tried to include the name and website (and/or Facebook page) of the business if possible. To see the first part of Fenwick Island, Delaware click here and check out the links at the end of this post to see more of our beautiful Delmarva Peninsula.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Made in America | Manufacturing Day '17 is October 6th

This Friday, October 6th, will mark the sixth annual Manufacturing Day across America. I'm passionate about jobs, our economy and products which are made locally, so I was eager to see what would be listed here on the Delmarva Peninsula. Manufacturing Day was created in 2012 by Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, a founding partner of the National Association of Manufacturing, and recognizes the businesses which produce goods in each state. From airplane interiors to food processing, clothing and modular homes to government contracting agencies such as Northrop Grumman, seafood and more are all encouraged to participate.

It's described as "an annual celebration of modern manufacturing during which manufacturers invite their communities - including students, educators, business people, media, and politicians - to their facilities in a collective effort to educate visitors about manufacturing career opportunities and improve public perceptions of manufacturing". The event has grown each year since it's launch in 2012. Here's the top portion of the infographic from (since it's long I encourage you to visit the website to download and view it).