Tuesday, May 23, 2017

News Flash for Small Business Owners: It's not all about You

Why does it seem so difficult for people to reciprocate? What makes some folks happy to enjoy the benefits of your loyalty, perhaps by supporting their local restaurant or shop or service business - yet they cannot be bothered to reach out of their own self/shell/selfishness? - and do the same. As far as small business owners go, isn't there power in numbers? Don't we gain more by all working together?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Franchise is not the same as a Mom and Pop, Locally-owned, Small Business

My heart is breaking a little bit right now as I write this, not only because I'm a little different and thus am perceiving this situation in an unusual way, but because I believe I'm onto something which concerns me. While I don't think many will comment and react and agree, a foreshadowing of the future is staring us down right now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Visiting Delmarva • the town of Milford, Delaware (Sussex County)

Located in the First State, Milford spreads across the edges of two counties, Kent and Sussex. It's charming downtown areas, small shops and locally-owned businesses make this an attractive area to spend a day or afternoon. There is a great museum that was at one time the post office, and the detail of the building is pretty interesting, as are the exhibits inside. You may be surprised to learn that throughout the years, Milford has been home to some exciting discoveries and inventions.

Vintage postcard of the post office - see
further down for what it has become today
A view from Walnut Street

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Definition of an Independent Business Owner

The people across this country who have been behind counters for decades.....the ones who have opened a small shop each morning and then swept down the floors of a family icon at the end of each day.....the mom and pop owners who have greeted countless numbers of visitors and guests who turned into friends and family over their decades of service.....this is the true heart and soul of America. Their stories are what weaves into the colorful shades of our lives, the legacy of our communities, and the sense of belonging into a neighborhood. The presence of their establishments - while not always noted with a sense of urgency, that we must take steps to preserve what is here in front of us - is mourned when suddenly, one day, they are no more. We cannot overlook the contributions of such individuals; we must never take the special characteristics of an independent for granted; and above all, we must remember to always make them a part of our lives to be celebrated and enjoyed and supported.