Friday, January 27, 2017

Connecting Delmarva: "Ten Postitive Steps for Building Community"

Welcome, Delmarva! Join our movement and focus on "Community, Connections and Communication." This is a page about YOU and local activities, community organizations, small businesses and causes, and we welcome your suggestions and input on the Facebook page. Our goal is to build connections, share tools about building your social networking, and work for the common good of all who call the Delmarva Peninsula home.

We believe that having relationships and staying in touch with your neighbors, friends and business owners is important.

An excellent reminder....

For all of you who are page admins....Remember that consistent interaction is the way to build a following!

Connect with us to follow events, activities and happenings around the Delmarva Peninsula. Just click on any icon to go to that site.

If you value your LOCALLY-OWNED small businesses let them know! Write a positive review, leave them some feedback, SHOP and SPEND there.

Build connections with others in your neighborhood - because "community matters".

This is what I think is at the heart of working to create a better place to live ~ together we are stronger.

Page admins.....remember that posting on Facebook is MORE useful if you are working to "build connections".

Grow your network, expand connections and get people involved." The most active and vibrant communities I have seen all have these principles working for them.

Not everyone is able to "contribute" in the same way. By taking what each person can offer you are working with what's available rather than leaving people out. Think of "bringing more participants together" as a goal. #communitybuilding

You can't build a following if you don't offer something interesting, and people don't just read what you post and automatically want to come to your events. There is POWER in building C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N-S.

I'll leave you with this graphic that I hope will inspire your day.

"Connections, networking and event promotion
across the Delmarva Peninsula."