Sunday, April 2, 2017

Off-Season in Ocean City | Wintertime Views of the Iconic Boardwalk

During the summertime the town of Ocean City roars to life as Maryland's largest vacation spot and favorite beach destination. Everyone wants a ride on that Ferris Wheel overlooking the sparkling skyline of the coastal resort, and no visit would be complete without a stroll on the boardwalk. During the peak season of the warmer months is one of the best times to take photos of the lights, attractions, people and faces along the iconic strip by the ocean, but when that fades away and the crowds return home, the hectic pace is replaced by a slower and quieter version of life. It is then that this place takes on an entirely new facade dotted with vacant windows, silent coaster tracks, colorless signs sitting idle, waiting to glow again, and that spectacular view of a deserted boardwalk that seems to go on forever.....I call the months following Labor Day the time period "after the summer ends", and then by about March that transitions into "before the summer begins".

"Tickets please, tickets......everyone must have a ticket to ride!"
It's usually late October when they take the cars off the Ferris Wheel
Haunted House at Trimpers Amusement Park and a spooky, silent, pirate
Okay. The grinning pirate may be just a bit creepier in the winter.
"Get your tickets!"
the Oceanic fishing pier in the fog
".......oh i may not look like much now.....but wait until I get my canopy....and lights! and music! then they all line up for a chance to take a ride......"
Coaster tracks at
the Spinning Coaster ride!
...the bus stop downtown sits silent
Although a few businesses and attractions remain open all year, for the most part everything closes early and is primarily open on weekends only.
"Arcade in the mist"
Signs are something I really love but sometimes in the summer it's just difficult to pull over or take a photo. So this time of the year is perfect for enjoying the neon sights.
Higgins Crab House at 28th Street
"the end of the boardwalk"
Lifesaving Station Museum
I love the signage of OC....
Sunset behind the old Coast Guard station at the southern tip of the boardwalk, now the Ocean City Lifesaving Museum you know spring is on the way...the cars have returned to the Ferris Wheel!

 And yes.....despite the perception of some, Ocean City DOES remain open after Labor Day.