Tuesday, May 23, 2017

News Flash for Small Business Owners: It's not all about You

Why does it seem so difficult for people to reciprocate? What makes some folks happy to enjoy the benefits of your loyalty, perhaps by supporting their local restaurant or shop or service business - yet they cannot be bothered to reach out of their own self/shell/selfishness? - and do the same. As far as small business owners go, isn't there power in numbers? Don't we gain more by all working together?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not expecting that treatment, nor am I demanding it just because I go out of my way to spend at local establishments owned by real people. The word is "RECIPROCATE" and just because I've said it doesn't mean anyone owes me anything - and yet, what's stopping you? Why the cold shoulder and appearance that you can't be bothered to ever look outside and see what is all around you?

I come into your small businesses all the time because of the quality, the service, the fact that you are independently-owned.........and do you even notice mine or the one next door or ANY of them? If it's not your cup of tea - perhaps you don't need an auto mechanic right now or a gourmet pizza or plants - couldn't you still be polite and at least follow the page or share "a neighboring small business", or acknowledge that there ARE other small business owners out there? Besides you? Aren't we all in this together and isn't it true that a good referral can be the golden ticket to new customers or clients? The answer is YES, but just as so many other things have slipped away, it seems that the ability to be aware of other's situations (or businesses) is fading.

So why do I do it, why bother at all to care? Why connect with area shops and eateries, pass on great reviews when a place is really good, share and follow local businesses and news. Because in my mind it MATTERS to us all - this community and these places and faces and shops - they are worth telling others about. And yet.....

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