Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What I really do between 3pm & 5pm

I know a lot of people think that  when I run out of the store in the afternoons from 3-5pm that's it's a blast.  Pretty sure the image in their minds is me asleep somewhere in a hammock, with a  giant pina colada nearby and a huge sombrero across my face for siesta effect.  Not exactly.

I beetle out of here for the 3 mile trek home, which can  take from 7 minutes to 20, depending upon who I get behind. Dash into the house,  let Dachshund out of pen first, leap the baby gate in the hallway second, let  baby Panda kitten out of the bathroom and plop him in his playroom third. Yell  at the pair of braying donkeys in the great-dane-sized dog crate which are really Basset Hounds. LOUD Basset Hounds.

Leash/collar on little dog who is good and already waiting politely by the door. Leash /collar on boy Basset  who is racing around yelling, dragging squeaky toys out, trying to "play" with  the cat. Cat is not amused. Leash/collar on