Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Step away from the screen.

I am sitting here at a park and watching something I don't normally see.......

A little while ago an SUV pulled up and out climbed several adults and multiple kids. They had fishing poles and scampered excitedly down to the waters edge eager to get started. For perhaps the last hour I've seen them all chattering with one another and running back and forth between their two spots. What I haven't see is anyone pull out a cell phone, tablet or electronic device. They are just simply TALKING to one another. It's something I don't see much anymore. It could be what holds families together - spending time together like this.

Put down the phone. Have an electronics - free time every single day. TALK to your kids. LISTEN TO each other. We are not robots and yet the goal among most people seems to be to have kids stare at screens as much as possible. Just stop for a little while and LIVE.

It's not all about technology....this is a good sign, isn't it. Don't forget to COMMUNICATE with each other. Parents, IT IS OK TO take the cell phones and gadgets away from the kids once in a while and have dinners with no electronic devices around.