Friday, February 5, 2016

Tiny and cute is how they begin: Adventures of Cat

So Oscar the Dachshund and I woke up and he went outside for a minute. Coming back indoors I decided (foolishly) to let Kung Foo Panda (KFP) out because it's 4am and surely he is sleepy and cannot do much damage. (Why was he locked up? Because after dark this house becomes a treasure chest of things to play in, on and with, much to the annoyance of other residents of fur. As part of the Self-Preservation Act enacted last year, we really have no alternative but to place said offender in another room at night time. It's for the good of everyone because when you run around biting people's tails at 2am you are really just asking for trouble. After several close calls where he flirted with Death by Lucy it was decided that he would spend nights in his own room where he could annoy only himself.)

But the chain of reasonable thinking seemed to have a defective link and proceeded to let Satan out of the bag, so to speak. Once back in bed, my foot, moving around underneath the covers, became a threatening force of evil which Panda Paws set out to slay. Not sure if the bite wound counts as slaying exactly but I did get up and put antibiotic cream and a bandaid on it. After the Slaying he proceeded out go the kitchen where he engaged in the pursuit of musical talents. See, some people play instruments; other make melodies through spoons or glasses filled with water; and then there's Satan who plays the wine glasses. Yes. I am cat-mom to a prodigy, one who creates sounds by tapping ever so lightly on the glasses which dangle from a rack over the counter. This creates a lovely tinging and ringing which although it might sound peaceful in reality is not quite as calming as you might think.

After the wine glass symphony, it was on to the next activity, stalking the Tail of The Dragon. Ok, so it was just Lucy but when jolted out of a deep sleep abruptly she takes on the appearance of a highly disturbed dragon-like force. Lucy may have been dreaming, or perhaps her tail didn't move at all and it was all in Satan's mind but either way there was a pounce and a leap and an awakening of the Dragon. As her jaws snapped shut he'd leaped just far enough out of range to be caught but the unsettling sound made me spring out of bed (again) at record speed. Three strikes is three too many and I escorted a plump Panda Paws in black and white prison gear back to jail. The end. 

For those of you who wonder, what this demolition force on paws looks like, here are some pictures of The Evil One. Here is the beginning of his new album on Flickr.

Oh sure. They all start out looking innocent and adorable.

9 weeks old.

One year old and looking for trouble....


How it all I got sucked into his world.

Tiny and cute is how they begin....:)

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