Saturday, July 16, 2016

Think For Yourself / Grow Your Mind (part I)

“Grow your mind and expand your world”

1) “Why We Don’t Accept Delays and Appreciate the Gift of Empty Time"

2) "We now live in individual bubbles of our own making"....this is a good read. "There's a Battlefield at Home and Only First Responders See It"

3) There is so much we can do as a community to address animal welfare. Getting involved at YOUR local level is a great start - see this article for more ways to help out.

4) Heartbreaking.....and yet I can see how easily it happened, because our society isn't connected much anymore. THIS underscores the need for changes in how we live.

5) Unfortunately today our society is not so geared towards "coming together" or group participation between members of a community. In a sense we are more isolated than connected - and I think that needs to CHANGE. People need to get out of their homes, don't you agree?

6) What these folks are about and an article on how they assist not only the homeless but their animal companions as well. See their Facebook page at Taking It To The Streets With Lori And Shira

7) “Let your kids learn to be independent”: What children need to be able to do on their own by the time they reach middle school.

8) Being on prescription medication isn’t something great. "Why You Actually Don't Want To Be Prescribed Adderall: ADD isn't all that it's cracked up to be"

9) Really?? How disappointing for the kids who worked really hard for this. I'm not sure that avoiding rewards for those who put in extra effort is good for ANYONE.

10) This is so excellently stated and it sums up what we as a society must address by taking responsibility for animals.....see an outspoken and clear opinion of how we can ALL do something in this effort.

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