Sunday, July 3, 2016

You can leave and still not tear others down...

I'm not perfect, actually I'm full of flaws, but sometimes I think about things from a different perspective. You can read this or not, ignore it or unfriend me, it's all up to you.

Once upon a time we were involved with a local nonprofit. They did as much as they could to help others in the community and we bonded with the people and their attitude of caring. It was a good mix; we fit in, offered some things which were useful and developed ties with many nice folks. Fast-forward a few years and - as sometimes happens - things changed. We questioned a few things that by some measures didn't appear to be handled quite right. A couple of misunderstandings and a few situations not handled well led to us feeling out of touch and that perhaps we no longer were wanted. But with a sense of no longer being wanted came something else....the thought that perhaps WE also no longer wanted to be a part of that circle, and so we stepped away.

That's it. We choose to step away....without a public speech, without announcing who wronged who. This organization does good, absolutely. Could they take a look at their practices and interactions with building for the future? Yes. Was everything handled exactly right within? Perhaps not. But every time a family asked for assistance, or someone's home burned down, or a caring person was needed during a difficult time.....they stepped up. The good that is done outweighs my personal feelings of "correctness". How many of you have heard "there aren't enough people who help", or "there are so few resources available anymore" or "I wish there were more places like yours"? Sometimes what is done is in itself a good thing and maybe out-ranks something else; perhaps your beliefs, or likes, or the way you see things....and if so, perhaps you will decide to part ways. YOU can't fix everything. But at that time you have a choice; move on in bitterness and speaking ill of others and tearing down the positive things that were done, or you can just MOVE ON.

"With respect all things are possible"