Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's Not A National Day (yet) But Our First Responders Deserve It

For several years now an effort has been underway to dedicate a day to first responders. While it has stalled and been held up repeatedly, there are a number of cities and towns which are recognizing the date of September 27th as "National First Responders Day". After all, don't the people who aid, assist and protect our communities deserve it? While is isn't a national date (yet), here is what we have found out about First Responders Day.

What: A movement to have Congress set aside a national day of recognition each year on September 27th for our first responders in the fire, police and medical professions.

Who: This was launched by the family of Sean Collier following his passing. From the website: "It takes truly unique and selfless heroes to put their lives on the line every day for people they don’t know. Sean Collier, a 26-year-old MIT police officer, was killed in a late night encounter with the two terrorists behind the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. Soon after his death, Sean’s brother, Andrew, appealed to Congress to create National First Responders Day. Unfortunately, the bill, H.R. 4109, introduced by his congressman, Michael Capuano, failed to pass. And, so began Andrew’s fight to create National First Responders Day."

Where: Ultimately the goal is to make this a day observed nationally. At this time only some places have recognized it but it's a growing movement and we encourage you to Google "National First Responders Day" and look for events in your area.

About: For more info visit the website at and find them on Facebook at

Recent articles:

9.20.16 "Family of Sean Collier spearheading effort for National First Responders Day"

9.21.16 Belle Fourche, SD: "City sets First Responder Day as Sept. 27"

Since we cannot thank all the professionals who serve in these categories enough we would like to join in saying "THANK YOU" to all who serve, assist and protect our communities. Do you know someone in these fields or who volunteers in the local fire department? Make sure that you take a few minutes before Tuesday, September 27th to acknowledge what they do. Tell a First Responder "Thank You" this week.

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