Monday, September 26, 2016

Think For Yourself, Part II: "Grow Your Mind and Expand Your World"

~ Grow your mind and expand your world ~

"Expanding your world" sometimes can mean reading, becoming educated and learning more about issues and community matters. I think and hope that everyone makes some time to explore the challenges facing their local towns and cities, read up on problems and work together towards solutions. Grow your mind by continually keeping and processing a list of "articles to read" and share them along with your thoughts to invite new perspective and input from others.

1) "It's harder to raise your kids than it is to pacify them" This is so very true and likely the reason we've turned into a "here just take it and be quiet" society. Excellent article: “Why our children are so bored at school, cannot wait, get easily frustrated and have no real friends?”

2) “What you should know about Volunteering

3) 25 Resources for Neighborhood Safety

4) I said this a year or two ago! (the new new threat to our society)

5) "The Surprising Key to Kids’ Happiness in Our Too-Fast, Self-Centered World"

6) "What to do if you find a baby bird"

7) Good people, good hearts....bikers standing up for kids!

8) “Company hires man AND his service dog

9) I think this is really important I think - now more than ever. With increasing number of people struggling with a variety of challenges, being able to understand what they are dealing with is critical. "7 Things You Can't See About My Life With Mental Illness"

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