Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sick of pink

Damn. In the hype over possibly being wiped off the face of the earth from a Hurricane Joaquin, and my stress about how to get 12 paws on and out the door for the next 5 days in the rain, I totally forgot what October symbolizes. The damn pink is back. It's everywhere and it's making me sick. It's a huge moneymaker and no other form of cancer could have EVER been glorified enough to sell like this. Awareness and research and support of those who fight....ABSOLUTELY. but it's become a farce. And really since we're being honest sells. You can't convince me this marketing madness is sheer profiting off boobs. Try getting that kind of support for any other kind of cancer.

Stop being hypocritical and pretending that breast cancer is the #1 killer because it's not. There are millions of people suffering from all types of this horrible disease and how the hell do you think they feel that they don't get a whole month devoted to THEIR illness? Let's be honest....the pink thing is a great marketing ploy, one worth millions and billions of dollars. Let's "pretty up" an ugly sickness and make it sell like crazy....and it DOES.

Did you know that many products out there don't even really do much for cancer support or research? Yep, you may have just paid twice the price for something either a pink ribbon on it but did you look and see what it actually benefits? I hate to admit that the whole thing is pretty clever but I'm too busy being disgusted. When you find the support for the really awful parts of cancer and the many forms it takes and assign a month to them let me know - otherwise stop pretending and make this about ALL CANCER. Which wouldn't sell nearly as well now would it? But sex

Disclaimer: I mean absolutely NO DISRESPECT to those battling breast cancer or those who have lost loved ones to it. ALL cancer is horrible. My father died one week after his 60th birthday. His type was considered just the ordinary, average kind that takes lives. It wasn't pretty and would never have sold as well as the pink theme. You ALL MATTER.

My point exactly.... #sickofpink

UPDATED 10/30/15: Wow. It seems that the "pink campaign" the NFL has been promoting doesn't even raise funds for research.....