Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Predictions and Possibilities: Waiting for Snow in Delaware

I'm torn tonight....really trying not to jump on the bandwagon of excitable panic that comes from seeing weather maps and predictions of potential vast snowfalls. I'm trying not to get too interested because you know, here on the east coast we just aren't set up for "real snow". The coastal winds will come in across the ocean and turn any hopes of a winter wonderland into slush most likely, and while the rest of the nearby states may be reveling in blizzard-like conditions, here in Delaware we will probably be watching puddles of slush cover the ground in 40 degree temperatures. 

I want snow. I grew up with snow in the 1980's, back before the great discussions of global warming. I remember measuring in feet and not inches, building immense snowmen so large it took 6 people to lift the snow-person's midsection onto it's base. There was enough precipitation to build tunnels and forts and we LIVED outside during every waking hour until it got dark  and then we dug a path to get back to the house we'd built a giant wall around. It was AWESOME.

And then I moved to Delaware....and the sarcastic memes began. Bitter over days of hype which turned into slushy disappointment I began cheering myself up by mocking just how little snow this state gets. Even ignoring the hype didn't help because a few days after the warnings came out and everyone in the southern part of the state rushed to the grocery store, I'd always cave in and go too.


But this time....THIS BATCH of dire predictions....this could be it! Maybe we'll be snowed in for days...and somehow there will be tunnels and forts and fun in the falling flakes. Maybe the winds won't blow off the ocean at just a warm enough temperature to dash my hopes.....

Update Wednesday 1/20.....here's the problem. Who to believe?

Someone is going to get snow! We just never know who!

{{wishing for snow.....preparing for disappointment}} Booo.
Thursday, January 21st....more debate over if the chosen ones will get 14" or 2' of the beautiful frozen precipitation. Meanwhile in southern Delaware.....

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