Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"A Summer Stroll on the Boardwalk" | Ocean City, Maryland

A stroll on the world-famous Ocean City boardwalk located along the Atlantic Ocean. Although we are locals here, our schedules have rarely offered the chance to go out during the summertime and actually see the sights of this town at night. So this was our trip down the boards, stopping at many of the iconic attractions and businesses which line the beach.

It wasn't dark yet when we arrived around 8PM...
...just in time to see the lights begin going on all up and down the beach.
Flags in the sand near the Kite Loft
Here you can see the sun beginning to set.
See the shark hanging out of the Ripley's building?

The colorful images of snack foods seen here are at long-time Ocean City favorite the Atlantic Stand. Serving up treats to visitors since 1933! Visit their website and Facebook page.
"the sights, sounds and signs of summer"
The multi-colored lights of the boardwalk shops, attractions and concessions stands
and a giant claw game!
No matter how many times I go, the boardwalk NEVER gets old.
Neon signage listing treats for everyone at Dolle's Candyland which features Salt Water Taffy, Caramel Popcorn and many other delights. Established in 1910. Find them on Facebook too.
Ice cream, get your ice cream....Dumser's has been an OC favorite since 1939.
It's not all fun and games though. Whether at Fun City
or Funcade, between 9th and 10th street on the boards, which arcade to play first?
Skeeball or rides....
....games of skill or chance?
But mostly I just love admiring the signs, details
and lights - especially on the older arcades with their classic style that you rarely find anymore.
When you are finished gathering tickets from the games, there's always plenty to eat.
Kohr Bros is a familiar beach favorite...
....get a twirl cone dipped in chocolate!
Or just stroll and enjoy the smells of the food stands.
And of course, just sitting on a bench to watch people is a prime activity.
Goodnight to the beautiful blue Ferris Wheel.
I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of a summer evening on the boardwalk!

Some links offering the history of the boardwalk and Ocean City


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