Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Forgetting an important date" (I can't believe I did this)

I'm horrified by the fact I forgot what today was. It's not like me to overlook things like that...

This was a little graphic I'd posted earlier today on Pinterest, kind of a reminder to myself that I have to keep on going and working at lots of little tasks because I'm easily overwhelmed.

And I meant to post it on Facebook too but forgot....well, I got caught up in my day and things to do and before I knew was 11:55PM on Wednesday, March 9th. And I'd missed something pretty important. ((HOW could I have just done that??))

Unfortunately, although I thought I was doing pretty well today and reached a LOT of's a pretty lousy feeling when you realize that you completely overlooked an important anniversary that means a great deal to some special people. And I didn't really forget it; I knew it was coming up; I had it written down as Thursday the 10th. But it was, in fact, today the 9th and I'm horrified that I forgot. Yes, people make mistakes but you know how those are the ones you think you will never forget? Well, I did. And now I'm wondering what I could do to try and make it up to my friends....feeling so stupid right now. :(