Monday, March 21, 2016

"Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" is March 30th

Years ago our country sent young Americans off to war, instructing them to go fulfill their duties and serve Uncle Sam. They did what was asked of them and thousands upon thousands of lives were lost. For those who returned home it was anything but a hero's welcome as they found a nation had turned against them in anger. How wrong that was for our Vietnam Veterans - and how many years it has taken to acknowledge what we as a country had done.

On Wednesday March 30th, it's our chance to acknowledge our veterans and to break that silence which should have never existed. On Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans day, all Americans have the opportunity to say "thank you" to those who served and who came back wounded in so many ways. The scars remain, but it's time to shake the hand of a hero and applaud them as our country failed to do many years ago. Visit the official site at

Since 2001 when this date was proposed as a national observance, many states have embraced the effort to thank and honor those who did not come home to a hero's welcome. While there are events and ceremonies which will be held across across the country, sadly, fifteen years later, there is no national recognition for this date.

Some background on WHVVD: The letter shown below is from Mr. Ramos, a gentleman who has been working for over a decade to have Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day established as an annual observation. Written in March of 2015, the letter from José G. Ramos explains that since 2000 his efforts and goals have been to see this date acknowledged. Frustrated, their event was cancelled and still today, this remains unfinished business.

For all those who served, suffered, and came home with scars of so many kinds, that is an insult. It's past time to appreciate the sacrifices made by all who served; it's up to us to step forward and acknowledge those men and women from so many years ago. We salute their courage and we honor their service - not only on March 30th, but everyday going forward. Never pass up the chance to thank a veteran for your freedom!

May 6th, 2016: article via The Evening Sun
"Redding, 68, has pushed for this recognition for about a year, he said. He keeps laminated records of emails he sent to state representatives in binders, along with information about previous attempts made by legislators to establish a national day for Vietnam veterans." You can learn more at the website and follow his story on Facebook.

March 30th, 2015: Cards for our heroes were handed out at the American Legion which along with the VVA Chapter 851, hosts an event each year.

It was an honor to visit with these soldiers; Nelson Kelly of the Ocean City VVA Chapter 1091 and another veteran reading a card. Visit their website at


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