Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Remembering Chief Harvey Gregg of the Georgetown Police Department

On April 4, 1998, Chief Gregg died in the line of duty while serving with the Georgetown Police Department. On Saturday April 9th, a wreath laying ceremony took place on the Circle in Georgetown to mark the anniversary of his passing.

On the Circle in downtown Georgetown

Senator Brian Pettyjohn

Officers from the Georgetown Police Department

Chief Hughes of the Georgetown Police Department

Officers saluting as a wreath was placed at the memorial

Georgetown Mayor Bill West also spoke (left)

This beautiful photo of the Chief was presented to the family

I went because when his anniversary on April 4th was first mentioned on Facebook, so many people chimed in to say what a wonderful and inspiring person he had been. Apparently beloved in both in his law enforcement career and personal life, reading the comments made me want to go just to pay my respects and to hear more about him. It was no surprise then, when other people repeated those same sentiments as they recalled stories of his leadership. Mentioned several times was Chief Gregg's style of "community policing", how he was so often out and about in the local area, talking and interacting with citizens. To be spoken of so highly by many, after being gone for a number of years, I guess that is how you truly can see that someone made a difference.


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